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Thread: Thermal imagery

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    Thermal imagery

    As a stalker without a deer dog I wondered if anyone was using one of these new handheld thermal imagery tools and if so are they anygood for locating deer in deep vegetation??

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    I'm getting a demo soon, so will let you know how I get on. The unit I have seen did an excellent job, but was a lot of money!
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    Just so long as its a cold day/ night or else you will find that every rock in the area has been warmed up enough to look like a lying up deer. Tried it in winter - OK, no problem, but from then on forget it. And its another piece of weighty expensive kit to lug around. (and hideously expensive to repair....)

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    Hi Muddy

    Thats very interesting regarding the rocks.

    Yes you would not want to break one of these and get it repaired would you!

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