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Thread: J. Graham & Co. 24x60 Single Draw Telescope

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    J. Graham & Co. 24x60 Single Draw Telescope

    Has anyone used one of these scopes or know anything about them ? - - is it a Gray & Company under a different name ? - - who makes the lenses for instance ?

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    Hi John
    I was in Grahams in Inverness a while ago & saw what I think you mean. I don't think it is the same quality as the 3 draw Gray industry standard.
    Far cheaper & not as classy - I didn't ask what the glass was and didn't think it up to much.


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    I used one last stag season (on loan from a friend) I found it fairly good, I'm not sure about the glass but for open hill perfectly adequate.


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    used one for a few years it seemed ok and didn't steam up as bad as a 3 draw scope bit bulky and slightly heavier than the greys did the job for me on the hill

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    Hi, If you look below you will see that I sold one recently, of the two that Grahams sell this Is certainly the poorer relative...I was told that the single draw uses Hakko lenses whereas the other more expensive 3 draw Is schott glass...As I said I was told this, but wouldnt know how to confirm it...HTH

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