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Thread: Camo, does it really make a difference ?

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    Camo, does it really make a difference ?

    Does camo jackets , trousers, face masks , gloves and boots really make a difference ?

    Just been looking for a light summer kit, and it is all camo gear, does it really matter, what does a Deer or Fox even a rabbit see ?

    Movement , scent line and wind direction are crucial, but can camo make it any better ?

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    everyone will say differnt. i do own a ghillie suit.... and im sure it works as it breaks up ur out line. i think a big factor is keeping still. scent i dont worry too much about as there are tonnes of dog walkers about NOT trying to shoot them! lol

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    In the states you shoot in blaze orange think that should answer your question makes no difference !

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    Stillness has got to be more important than cammo.
    I'm shooting quite a few bunnies just now, just from lying down in the field and staying still. No camoflage.
    Night before last I actually had a rabbit come out of a burrow and start grazing, between me and the end of my gun barrel! It was about 18" from my elbow!
    Having said that, hands and face are pale, so even slight movement is noticable. I wear a hat with a peak, and the only part of my hand that moves is the trigger finger, by which time it's too late!

    However, cammo would at least mean that I wasn't visible to passers by on the road, and would mean I could remain discreetly out of sight of walkers etc.

    In conclusion, I reckon subdued colours, stillness and good field craft should be enough for most situations. Pretty traditional, really!

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    In a word with my roe...................NO
    Like moderators

    Last month, me, a dog and a client out in the middle of a wheat field with NO camo on.

    Admittedly this was exceptional.
    But heres another 1.
    Notice the jeans the clients wearing.

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    i think this could go on for hours, many a time i have togged right up and put face paint on ect, basicly looked a right tit and shot nothing, or wondered down the garden in a t-shirt and had a blast!

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    By eck that's one helluva steady dog you have I'd be a very proud man if I'd trained it .

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    Don't waste your money on getting cammoed up. Any weatherproof darkish clothing will do. Maybe gloves and a facemask help, but stealth, slow movements and getting the wind right are more important.

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    In the context of hunting a deer species that has no peer in wariness I can tell you categorically that when you are in amongst them that camo improves your concealment by miles!
    Stalking with camo (good camo) may have the deer spring you visually but if one freezes the deer often get a moment of " I wonder what that was,oh well its gone" BANG!
    I am not suggesting that one NEEDS camo but I am saying the above..out loud!

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    Quote Originally Posted by snowy View Post
    By eck that's one helluva steady dog you have I'd be a very proud man if I'd trained it .

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