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Thread: Vintage Box Leather Scope tube with strap

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    Vintage Box Leather Scope tube with strap

    Brown "box" leather scope tube for either a draw scope or spare telescopic sight.

    13 1/2" long and 3" wide outside

    50x55mm internal

    cotton and leather lined
    very well made, top slides up straps and has silent brass ferrule closer

    20 posted

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    Hi its 13.5"x3" outside and
    50x55mm oval inside

    inside length would be approx 12.75"

    I think it may have gone on PigeonWatch though.
    If still interested I will give you 1st refusal


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    i'm just going out, can you give me till the morning i will mesure my draw scope when i return.
    regards john

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    If John doesn't have this I will please.

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    sorry buddy its not big enough to carry my scope.
    regards john

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    No worries, thanks for letting me know

    Now SOLD pending funds


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    Not to me sadly - was I beaten by pm? If any more come up I'd love one of these.

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    Sorry Dougster, sadly not. I had it on two sites
    Funnily enough I do have another one somewhere, just been clearing stuff out, will PM you if and when I find it


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    Superb. I'll be keen if you have, thanks.

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