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Thread: ghostblind

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    i want a ghostblind any 1 know were i can get 1 in uk

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    Don't even know what one is.
    Share it with us.
    To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target.

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    They are illegal in germany as the law is worded funnily.
    I remember seeing them from my time in the states.
    How about trying professional photographers suppliers for a flip out Mylar reflector as that is all it is made from.

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    i like the look of that could come in quite handy. Off to the states in a couple of months might try and pick myself one up

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    Looked into them and I think the review was that they are duff in the wind. You're probably better off,(and cheaper) with camo netting

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    i wish someone bring me 1 back
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    Keep thinking about this, can't be too hard to make? Just need some mirrors and angle them downwards? And something like wood to attach it too? Trade of is weight against ability to withstand wind :/

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    Would be interesting with the sun directly on it. So may be limited where it could be used

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