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Thread: Roe on A380/A38

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    Roe on A380/A38

    Travelling back from Torquay last night up the A380/A38 about 22:00 hrs and was amazed by the number of Roe Deer feeding on the grass verge right next to the main road. Mainly does with fawns which were about half the size of the doe's but these deer were over the barrier and standing with their buts on the road.

    Trouble was it was really foggy and you couldn't see them until the last moment and with me driving an artic and pulling a forty foot trailer I am not sure if I missed all of them. It was not safe to stop on the hill because of the fog so I just continued. I did however phone 101 and advised them that they may want to check out the location for casualties. I continued seeing deer on the verge for several more miles and then these were replaced by hundreds of rabbits.


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    That's surprising you saw lots of Roe, it's normally Fallow lining the dual carriageway up over Haldon & Telegraph hills, I presume that's where your on about. Plenty of Fallow in Haldon forest, also plenty of horseriders,cyclists and dog walkers to make things difficult! Not to mention the gypsies who turn up anywhere!

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    I would agree with disco pete ,ther are lots of fallow on that part of the road,it is one of the national hot spots for rta s with deer .
    all the best

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    I often see the fallow there, from Newton Abbot just after the speed camera on the left before the petrol station on the top of Haldon hill

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    Looking at google maps it must have been around Sands copse or Babcombe copse as it was a hill with crash barriers both sides and the deer were standing this side of the barrier, definitely roe with fawns. I was only doing about 40mph so was going slow enough to see what species they were.


    Just to add to this my sat nav said I had about 5 miles to go before the A38. I was watching my sat nav because at 10 miles to go to A38 I had a low bridge alert which turned out to be a pedestrian footbridge but which I managed to clear with no problem. The strange thing was this bridge was not on my sat nav and the bridge I was being alerted to was further on about 700 metres away. When I reached this location the only thing overhead was some 11kv power cables which were way above me. It was at around this point that I started to enter the fog and did not come out of it until my decent some miles later.
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    forgive my ignorance but what is the 101 number you used Elmer? or anyone for that matter!!

    ta Ade

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ade C View Post
    forgive my ignorance but what is the 101 number you used Elmer? or anyone for that matter!!

    ta Ade
    Police non emergency number.......

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