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Thread: Not eating

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    Not eating

    My new Border Terrier pup has been home for 5 days now but does not seem interested in food. She has been to the vets and he wasnt concerned as she has put 200 grams on in the 5 days I have had her. She doesnt get excited about food be it a treat or her main meal. When she gets her main meal she will eat a small portion then walked away, maybe sniff a toy , then return to make a token effort to eat, most of the time the food is binned. Should I be concerned and will she grow out of this?



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    I wouldn't be too concerned as she is putting on weight at the moment,she might just be pining a bit for mum,I'd try different foods e.g cooked chicken etc,she might just be a fussy eater it might be trial and error on finding something she likes,try not to worry most pups will soon develop a good appetite.

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    my older lab did the same, james wellbeloved ocean whitefish did the trick, then back on hills science once the appetite was up and running...

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    How old is she,and how many meals a day are you feeding,and do you leave it down if uneaten? Some Terriers can be really fussy eaters,but,not usually when they are puppies,was she wormed or was the mother wormed? Also is she drinking water?


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    Try not offering her food until she asks and remove any not eaten within 10 minutes.atb Tim

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    My Border was six months old when I got him but he did exactly the same in going off his food. He also seemed miserable and needed lots of tlc. Vet was not concerned and diagnosed separation anxiety/pining. It lasted for about three weeks.

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    If your vet is not concerned neither would I be. Some breeders do not feed meals as such but leave a constant supply of food for the pups. This has it's benefits but can allow the pup to develop an eating habit different from what you are offering. He could well be missing the company of his litter but this will go as he settles into your home. What was the breeder feeding the pup? Have you continued with the same feed? This is always best.

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    Some dogs are just not food orientated! If she's been checked out OK and was the same size as her litter mates, is playing and growing, I wouldn't worry. Too many folk get too hung up on getting pups to grow. This can lead to problems if the growth is too rapid, especially larger breeds. Also, you say main meal, ideally she should (assuming she is 8 weeks) get 4 small meals until 12 weeks then 3 until 6 months all about the same size. If she's not keen on food, you may find you can ignore one of those meals. If you feed a dry food, it needn't be wasted, if she doesn't want it, remove it as TB suggests. If she is pining, get an adaptil collar to help her settle. Above all , enjoy her company!

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    Thanks for the replies I will try some of your suggestions.

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    Had same with my Terrier. Vet just said `he will eat when he is ready, he wont starve`.


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