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Thread: Lining Hilver rings

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    Lining Hilver rings

    I know one or two people have recommended I 'line' my Hilver rings with strips of camera film, what are your thoughts on this rather odd suggestion

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    If the tolerances are that bad they need lining I would be inclined to remove them and use them as paperweights
    ptfe or similar can have its benefits in protecting the scope and taking up any slack in poorly fitting mounts but its very thin, camera film is thick, I would imagine it could put undue pressure on the tube if torqued up

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    You would be better using shimming steel. go to a specialist engineering supplies and get some. It comes in varrious thicknesses. I used to use it for making sleeves to prevent moly grease getting from a springer mainspring onto the rest of the piston. Its quite hard and you cut it with scissors, and will do what you want to do.


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    Why on earth would you want to close up the tolerances on the rings?

    Unless your using 26mm rings on a 1" tube all I can see happening is the risk of crimping the scope tube.

    There are certainly some strange people about .

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    no rings I have ever used required shimming and I have used some crap in my time

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    I use Hilver rings on my 222, I've used them in 25 and 30 mm and never had a problem with them not fitting correctly. I've had a MTC Viper, a Simmons Atec, a Bushnell Sportsman and a Bushnell legend in them. What scope are you trying to mount in them?


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    I've heard of using photo negative strips to shim up the front or rear rings to allow any sighting in issues to be resolved, this I believe is used a lot with air rifles, where they cannot get, or have too much elevation, you shim up the bottom part of the ring dependant on what you need in elevation. When I bought my Air Arms 510 extra, I had the same problem and was told to do this mod, told the shop to replace the rings and put the negative idea where the sun don't shine, replaced rings were OK. But what can you expect from the product we all know is used for air guns to mount scopes. deerwarden

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    they use them to try and use tactical 1000yd scopes on .22 springers!
    then they wonder why they can't wind the elevation turret enough so they shim them!

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    If they are rough a light honing with a honing rod maybe in order, but don't overdo it or they will be rooted. i personally never touch them, Hilliver or any others. Putting packing inside the ring, unless it is gas tape will not help your scope tube when you the rings up.

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    Ive got hilver rings on 2 of my rifles and the fit of the scope is very good. i suspect putting anything inside them would be detrimental to fit and possibly damage scope. If your worried about tolerances why not lap them.
    If you were talking about millet scopes I would have agreed about poor tolerance/scope fit but rather than "line" the rings I would just chuck them straight in the bin.

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