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Thread: New member introduction

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    New member introduction

    Hi to everyone on the forum,

    I have been stalking for 4 years, only on roe up to now and only on bought days. I have got my level 1 and have just completed my level 2 portfolio. I shoot a 6.5 x 55 blaser with Swarovski scope & mod.
    I am currently training my Brittany to track & point deer, its not doing to bad but getting the opportunities are difficult.

    I also practice the art of falconry and fly a Goshawk at rabbits, pheasant, duck etc etc.

    I have been shooting for 34 years starting off with the obligatory air rifle (handed down from my grandfather), progressing to shotguns at the age of 14. Since then I have shot vermin, game & clays.

    I live in Lancashire, where as we all know stalking is a bit thin on the ground, I am looking to expand my knowledge and chat to members of the forum.

    Best regards to everyone

    Adrian B

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    Welcome aboard Adrian

    Im in a bit of a barren spot for stalking too, in Notts.

    Sounds like you have plenty to keep you occupied when not stalking at least!

    Its a great forum, as you get to know people on here you'll find them very friendly and helpful.



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    Thanks for the welcome Daemo, i am finding some of the postings very informative and some very funny!

    I am looking forward to chatting with the guys on here.



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