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Thread: New Stalker near Bristol

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    Red face New Stalker near Bristol

    Hi Guys,
    Just joined the forum. Based in Yate near Bristol. Have Browning O/U 12g, Sako .17 HMR, Tikka .223, Marlin .44 underlever and about to buy .308(probably another Tikka or Sako).
    Any advice on stalking would be appreciated. Any offers of "showing me how it is done" within a 60 radius of Yate would also be appreciated. Doing my first stalk on sunday with BASC instructor which should be great.
    Also advice on a 4 x 4 for dual use i.e some stalking work but also used as second car.
    Several people locally use Jimny's although they seem to be better off road than on road. Ideal vehicle to suit my circumstances would be Freelander TD4 circa 2005 but quality worries me.

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    Hi BB,I would say one of the pick ups like the Mitsi/Hilux they are very carlike to drive I have had both and happy with both.Welcome to the site by the way.


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hello Bee Bee, welcome to SD.

    For guided Roe deer stalking,. BASC accredited trainer for DSC1 and 2. BASC accredited training centre with courses held regularly.

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    hI bee bee hope you had a good day with the basc i am a level 2 AW based in Somerset nr Taunton old school stalker with some fourty years experience may be able to help you out if your still looking for some help. atb. W.S.....
    Walk little- look often .

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    Welcome to SD Bee Bee,how did the stalk go??? a japanese 4x4,i wouldnt have a Freelander,you could buy a new Sako each year for the service/repairs costs saved!!!!

    btw,i have a Sako 75 in .308 for sale


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    hi BB

    there are a few guys i know that would take you out for taster sessions etc but i dont expect they would do it free of charge and without meeting you first

    if you call in to the shop (braces shooting on the wells road) and have a chat with me ill give you a couple of numbers to call


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    Come and visit us for a Blaser or Mauser fitting, get the right rifle for your needs.

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    Hello BB and welcome from the north - - cheap flights are available from Bristol to Inverness ! - - why not get yourself up here and have a bit of Stalking - - several have done it from your part of the world already.


    " not the end of the world, - - but you can see it from here ! "

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    Hi Martin,
    Went out last sunday but didn't see anything. Going again sunday week.
    Everyone has now told me don't get a freelander and some have suggested a Vitara or Jimny. Both seem a good idea.
    Now have new Sako 85 laminated stainless in .308 on order arriving ina about a week.
    thanks for advice.

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