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Thread: Waste disposal

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    Waste disposal

    Just wondering guys what do you do with regard to disposing of skins,carcusses etc.
    Just about to register as a food business with the local authority and no doubt waste disposal will be discussed. I know an incinerator would be a good solution but its the costs involved!
    Any advice appreciated.

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    Waste disposal

    Gralloch and pluck stay in the field. Head and legs return to the field on next trip. Find a badger set, it's better than a skip!!
    Dogs love the bones and any waste/shot damaged meat - a friend of mine takes all of it from me. Just leaves the skin then..
    Double bag it and bin it or bury it in the field. Don't tell them anything goes in your bin or down your sink as they will get upset!
    Any blood form the tray goes on the garden or lawn, it's great fertilizer when watered down.

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    Silence is golden. Try and find out where they would "prefer" you to take it.

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    My waste disposal unit who incidentaly is in the process of whelping as I type. 11 so far, 1 still born.

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    If you are registerd as a business and have your own incinerator you will needa licence to polute from the environment agency. My local game dealers is a massive organisation seam to have rows and rows of big refuse bins with deer skin etc (if they are not good enough to be sold for tanning warble scars etc) and send it to a third party for disposal.


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    Sounds like we are all in similar situations with regard to waste disposal. Most of ours stays on the farms, pluck-gralloch-legs etc. I have a guy who takes the heads of me and eats them??
    That just leaves the skin and butchered bones which tend to be double bagged and tipped.
    Best not mention that part!!

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