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Thread: Early rutting

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    Early rutting

    Well our roe seem to be about twenty days earlier this year, watched a buck chasing a doe around the wood at ten thirty today, alas he fell to the old 3030 when he decided to stand still, does came running to the buttalo up until 1.30 but no more bucks to be seen.

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    I was just thinking today whether this hot thundery weather might bring things forward a bit. Hope there not all at it ad I'm off up country end of the month. Be my luck that they are all sh***ed out by then!


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    Would be surprised if its really started, but the sap will be rising with the bucks, earliest true activity I have seen is 17th July

    Proof of the rut having started is not the buck chasing a doe but how the doe responds.

    Again does coming to buttalo has nothing to do with the rut.
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    Well apart from seeing him mount her, they were rutting as normal,

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    My mate texted me today to say he shot a buck last night running a doe hard down in Wilts so could well be early ??

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    i was watching bucks this afternoon on the hill. one of them was grazing not far from a doe. I watched them for at least 20mins during that time the buck had no interest in the doe at all. I think it will be at least 2 weeks yet.

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    Every year the same thread.

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    Ok. I'll add a twist....

    Went stalking last night, saw 6 does, two kids and two young foxes. Just like Mel Gibson... all our bucks must be after the English fairer sex.

    Willie the landowners comment: you must have shot them all! Where have my bucks gone!

    Destraught newbie

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    I was out with a chap from here and we also saw chasing last night (in Somerset). That's the first I've seen this year.

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    Not seen any real activity yet, but have kept the ground quiet for the past 3 weeks. Have some Finnish clients at the end of the month for a good buck and have at least 6 good heads that I know off and another seen a couple of weeks back on another area of the estate that is new to me.
    Nothing unusual with seeing a little activity at this time of the year, they must be enjoying trying to get dry in between the horrendous down pours lol. The rut always seems to come in a bit earlier down south to me, and within the next two weeks it should start to get under way big time, but hopefully with some warmer, drier weather.
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