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Thread: Help with practical experience - Scottish Borders

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    Help with practical experience - Scottish Borders

    Am fairly new to rifle shooting and have recently passed DSC1. Before I go out stalking, would like to learn more about how the theory is actually put into practice. Wonder if anyone in or around Peebles-shire / Scottish Borders would let me accompany them on a stalk to show me the ropes.

    Thanks for any help you can give.
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    I think you need to just crack on and get out there. Take paid days with folk (from the Forum or elsewhere) and learn from experience. I try and get out with someone new at least once a year. I just spent a very interesting morning with John Robson in Yorkshire and am looking around to book other days up with folk on the Forum. You need to get out and learn from the mistakes you make, watch what the professionals do and practice. The challenging thing about stalking is that there is always more to learn, you can't rest on your laurels. My Dad's been looking at deer for 70+ years and he's still watching them with interest every day and learning more about them.

    Good luck. JCS
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    There are plenty of people offering paid stalking in the borders. Booking a day out is the best way to learn. If you ask on here someone will recomend stalkers in your area. If you are happy to travel try either Greenlee, Yorkshire Deer Stalking or South Ayrshire Stalking.

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    Thanks to all that replied, much appreciated.

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