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Thread: Taking out a client

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    Taking out a client

    Ive never taken out a client before,what would it be worth to me to take somebody out to shoot a gold medal roebuck.

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    Firstly you have to be brave to declare a gold in advance, but given that you are confident there are many that would pay in the region of 1k for a successful gold Roe stalk. It's just finding them that's the tricky bit, but there are plenty of Agents that have just that sort of client on the books waiting for a call.
    What were you thinking Swarovski ?

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    I've no idea what a gold would be worth,this buck as been there for 4 years,since I started stalking there,I haven't seen it this year yet but my mate has been watching it the last 2 weeks when we went foxing,I will have to get up real close and have a proper look,he will be going back shortly if it isn't already,would be a shame to not take it when it's at it's best,it was as big as I've ever seen,I've gotta biggish gold mounted and he looked as big if not bigger,it's hard to say until it's dead and you can see up close,I would rather get 1k for it than 60 for the carcase.

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    Well just be prepared to lose the ground as someone with that sort of money is just as likely to buy the lease out from under if they get the inkling that there are Golds on it.

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    Do you have permission which allows you to take out guests?

    Does the land owner know that you will be taking out paying guests?

    Are you insured?

    Obviously you'll need to declare any income to the tax man.

    Not trying to put you off, if you can make a few quid from the valuable natural resource then why the hell not, just pointing out a few of the things you need to get in place before you can think about taking money from someone to shoot deer.

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    I would speak to the farmer first,pound notes my friend,countryside alliance

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    I think even on here you would get reasonable offers to go on a stalk with you with the prospect of a big trophy buck even if not gold. As for insurance, the BDS policy covers you for upto 5k of income from stalking activity, you do have to be a member though. I would be surprised if you didn't get a few pm's from members interested in discussing a deal to stalk it with you. Good luck with it and I hope it produces some offset income for you and it is gold, and considering you thought it was big last year it probably is.

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    What you should do is let me come and shoot this one just to be sure and if it goes gold you will know your a fantastic judge of heads for the next one.
    As payment, if it goes gold, il tell everyone what such a nice chap you are. In fact even if only makes bronze il still tell everyone your a nice chap so it's a win win for you.

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    I wouls suggest that you advertise a gold medal stalk put the price down you want Swarovski it is your call but beter to put it in the correct place and advertise as a trade member.

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    Nice to hear you have a big medal on you ground, but dont be suprised to find its not when it hits the deck.
    The last couple of decent ones i shot that i thought would be golds for sure, might be lucky if they get a silver and scrape a bronze.
    I would get a picture up of it on here, there are quite a few members well up on medals that would give good advice im sure. DF

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