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    I went out this evening to the same place as last week where I shot 4 and my mate had 2,had one there the week before that,saw 3 tonite,ranged first one at 378yds,was a house behind,had to leave it and wait,maybe 15 mins went by and I saw 2 heading across the field,they were moving quickly,was waiting for both to stop for a double whammy,had to shout in the end before they exited the field,dropped the 1st at 241yds and the other ran hell for leather,seen it again at 500yds away in next field still running,that's gottabe my fave fox field of all time,I do the same there most years,we didn't lamp it last winter,defo prefer shooting them in the daylight.

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    Bloody iPad,title is ment to be foxing,I don't know how to edit the title

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