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Thread: Thanks Wint a nice evening

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    Thanks Wint a nice evening

    Hi All

    I had a kind invite out last night off Andy "Wint" of the SD. He has just got a nice patch of ground of his own not far from my house and invited me out to try for a Muntjac.

    It was a glorious evening hard to belive looking out the window this morning. Max was real glad to get out as I haven't stalked much in the last month for various reasons.

    We got to the wood a pretty place on the top of a valley and Andy showed me the way to the new free standing seat he had made.
    I sat Max under the seat and layed the gun across the seat and "chilled"

    About 9.15-9.30ish I heard a noise behind me, a quick look down at Max and I could see he was fixed on something so I slowly swivelled around picking the rifle up in one movement and waited for about a minute before I spotted some movement. It was a buck in velvet slowly making his way browsing as he went he was only about 25 yards away, I eased the rifle up which he heard but luckily turned perfect broadside to look where the noise come from which was his downfalll.

    Cheers Wint Max and I enjoyed our evening out.


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    Good going wayne and well done wint on the new permission

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    nice one mate.

    Good going Andy on your new ground.


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    Well done Wayne,
    Nice to see you taking up an invitation instead of offering them(nice one Andy). Where was the pretty gun? I at least thought you would have brought it out for the photo!


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    well done andy and wayne great result regards pete .

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    Cant beat an evening in the seat just chilling
    well done guys

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    Nice one wayne, catch up with you again soon.

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    Glad you both had a good time. Must be nice to return a favor. Gives some of us hope to see new ground can be found. Looks like a nice little buck. Well done.

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    Thanks Wayne,i had just got the land cleared for full bore last week & it was the very first time i had used the high seats so im really glad you had one,and as John said it was really good to return the favour and well done for bagging one,the pressure was on a bit to bag one for this sat as we have a shoot bbq & they want munty burgers & sausages lol but i knew your deer magnet aftershave & your ninja skills wouldnt let us down .

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