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Thread: Trophy wart hog hunting in 2013

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    Trophy wart hog hunting in 2013

    Just had an email from a client who runs an outfit in africa.
    Trophy warthog hunt with x2 animals upto 35cm's (wow) the photos are fantastic. 6 pigs quota per hunter.
    Will post some photos soon.
    more details on application.
    Any one interested?
    I must admit i'm tempted myself.
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    I'm interested. I shot a very good warthog a few years ago - amongst other things - and due to some sort of fall out betwixt PH, owner and taxidermist I never got any trophies from that hunt at all.
    Keep me in the loop please.

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    will do a flyer has been promised in the next few days I will forward as soon as i have it.

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    What the hunt is.

    Details are now emerging.
    South Africa Warthog Safari / October 2013 / Max 6 hunters

    Kwazulu Natal / South Africa
    25.000 h private game reserve
    20 plus game species
    Trophy warthog hunt

    Included __
    8 days (6 hunting days/7 nights)
    2 trophy warthog & 2 non trophy warthog
    Full board / accommodation
    All domestic transport / transfers
    Professional hunters, trackers & skinners
    Hunting vehicles
    Daily laundry service
    Visitors rifle permits

    Excluded ___________________
    International flights
    Taxidermy work & shipping
    Alcoholic drinks
    Additional trophy animals hunted
    Other game maybe "bolted on",
    Rifle hire
    Excursions Cost
    Tips & Gratuities

    This is an African safari hunt targeting trophy warthog
    in a game reserve that literally boasts hundreds of pigs!
    It is not uncommon at the end of the dry season to see
    40 plus warthog grazing around the lakes and
    reservoirs on this reserve.

    However, this does not make for easy hunting. The
    discerning hunter needs to slowly and silently walk and
    stalk the concession to take their trophy warthog. But it
    is also possible to ambush warthog as they go to or
    from feeding or water. Frequently guests ask ‘What is a
    big warthog?’ In this game reserve you will know what
    ‘big’ is when you see it! Warthog with tusks exceeding
    35 cm in length are taken regularly with pig sporting 30
    cm plus tusks being fairly common!

    Guests will arrive into Oliver Tambo International
    Airport Johannesburg on Sunday and spend the day
    in Johannesburg. After a welcoming and relaxing
    breakfast at the guesthouse, you can visit one of the
    many museums, art and craft markets or events that
    are weekend features in Sandton / Johannesburg. Or
    spend the day wingshooting with high volume pigeon
    shooting 90 minutes from Johannesburg (as an
    extra). At the evening dinner in one of the many
    excellent restaurants in town the conversation soon
    switches to the hunting safari and what to expect!

    Monday morning is an early start with a 4 – 5 hour
    drive to arrive at the game reserve in time to enjoy a
    light lunch before heading to the range to test the
    rifles. And then the safari begins!

    Five full days of hunting offer our guests every opportunity to see, stalk and take trophy and non-trophy
    warthog. In addition the concession holds 20 plus other game species including elephant, rhino, buffalo,
    hippo, crocodile, kudu, wildebeest, zebra, bushbuck, nyala, waterbuck, impala, common reedbuck and
    mountain reedbuck, bushpig, steenbuck, duiker and many more.

    Hunting will be early mornings from 5.00 a.m. after coffee and rusks thru to noon followed by a brunch and
    a short rest and resumes early afternoon thru to dusk. We recommend that you bring a rifle that you are
    comfortable shooting in a caliber of 7 mm plus. Warthog are very tough and there is no reason not to use a
    bigger gun like a .375 H&H if you have one and enjoy
    shooting it! 40 bullets (softs) should be sufficient.

    Drinks before dinner and a three course evening meal
    - around an open fire - with great wines and cold
    beers round off the day’s hunting.

    After 5 full days hunting, we return to Johannesburg
    and - following a light lunch – head towards the
    airport for the return trip to Europe or the USA.

    For the hunter that is mad about pig hunting this is a
    hunt not to be missed!

    Still awaiting a confirmed price, guide price is around £2,200 + flights, this is getting checked and confirmed now.

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    Yds you wont regret going mate. I'm going for a short trip home the end of the month to top up on the action. These are the bad boys roaming around where I'll be.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Mid Illovo - 28 Nov 09 - Massive tusked boar.jpg 
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    The photos they have sent me are similar to that one. The fact they are stalked PROPLEY encourges me, after all stalking everyday I have NO interest in riding around in a landrover in the sun till one is found and after a 100m dash dispatched.
    Not my idea of hunting at all.

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    as an extra, now i am very interested....
    also option at very little cost to spend the day dove / pigeon shooting where we guarantee everyone can shoot 250 - 500 cartridges
    in an afternoon with bags of 500 - 750 birds regularly laid down !

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    I hate it if people shoot off the back of a truck, the Yanks love it. Whats the point? If you cull it is different strory. Here is a photo of my mate after a afternoons day pigeon shooting.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Keep me upto date on this mate, very interested! Next year is my 30th so might do it for that, although getting married in the July may hamper funds!
    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    I shot doves/ pigeons in South Africa (about an hour north of Joburg) three years ago now. Where we went was on a huge beef cattle farm, and the birds were coming in droves for the maize.
    We were guests and I think between ten of us we got through 14,000 shells in a day.
    Some of the team had been shooting high volume doves in Argentina, and they rated the SA sport as better.

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