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Thread: Lost info

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    Lost info

    I have lost my speer information for 105grn .243 using RL19 if anyone has a speer manual could they please put the starting and max load. The speer website doesnt help.
    Many thanks

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    This is out of the new speer manual.

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    ejg cheers

    this has caused me confusion as my mate found his copy and it is 37 to 41 in it for RL19. I better look more close now and make sure its right.

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    as I said this is out of the NEW Speer manual No. 14.
    In the old manual No. 13 they seemed to have the 100gr boat tail with seperate data (lower) and in the new manual they have the same data for the 100gr flat base, boat tail and 105gr.

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    thanks again my loads were getting better at 40.5 ,41.0 grn so I'll try working up to 43.5 and see how I go.


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