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Thread: apprentice schemes run by FC, National Trust etc

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    apprentice schemes run by FC, National Trust etc

    I am looking for some help/ advice.

    I have worked on farms my whole life and currently am a part time keeper on a family estate shoot where i also manage the pests and deer (roe, fallow and munties) along with a number of surrounding farms.

    I have my DSC1 and am close to completing my level 2. I also have a number of vocational qualifications including chainsaw, quad bike and spraying. As well as the obvious FAC and SGC

    I have been applying for FC jobs etc but having no luck and very little feedback as to where i am falling short.

    Here's where you might be able to help:

    Would anyone be able to point me in the direction of any Deer Management/stalker apprentice schemes run by FC, National Trust, Natural England etc

    or are there any professional stalkers/ wildlife rangers (or similar) out there who wouldn't mind me coming out with them to shadow, observe and get some further experience then any help would be greatly appreciated. Extra pair of hands for a drag/ carry etc

    If anyone feels that they would be able to help, be it information on how to approach the job application or someone who would be able to give me some shadowing time.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is something that i have great motivation for but i feel that i need some extra help to realise my ambition.

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    Hi Clive

    The FC recruit most of their wildlife rangers from 2 sources, firstly promoting Forest Workers and secondly from Sparsholt College's 1 year Deer Management course or the 3 year (Sandwich) Diploma in Game & Wildlife Management, the college is in Hampshire near Winchester. The latter would be your best way in.

    I'm afraid these days they require practical experience backed up qualifications as, apart from anything the role of the ranger is wider than just the pest control role of yesteryear. They do get hundreds of applications for every vacancy.

    The National Trust (in England and NTS only 3) don't employ stalkers per se, most of the deer management is done by Warden's who have an interest in stalking. The wardens tend to be recruited from Merrist Wood or Sparsholt college.
    Same for Natural England.

    Let me know if you require any contacts for the above etc., best of luck.


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