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Thread: .243 /6mm 85gn nosler partitions

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    .243 /6mm 85gn nosler partitions

    Any one use them ? if so how did or do you find them ? thanks df

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    hello df , yes i do i found them to be the best out of my sako after a lot of trial and error with other stuff. havnt got them loaded to hot they are more accurate than me,not to bad meat damage and most of the roe drop on the spot
    as you can tell i love em, cheers B

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    I have used them in my 243, they are a very reliable bullet for deer. I never had any issues with them and they always exit

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    Had to mess about with seating depth and powder charge, but now they group and point of impact is roughly the same as my go to roe/ fox load 87gn vmax with 37 varget.
    Just need a roe to try them on now.
    Looking good ,now i have a soft point load for doing my L2 on any other ground than my own where v max are frowned upon DF

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