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Thread: worth measuring

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    worth measuring

    never looked into whether bucks were worth measuring for medal classes - do you think any of these are?Attachment 17233

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    Sorry for being blunt.


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    that's fine Matt, prefer honestly to BS.

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    weights please

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    sorry, including skull? that's all I can offer

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    left 328g, right 364g

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    The one on the left might be worth a look without knowing the weight. If you have it scored and it doesn't make a medal there is no charge from the CIC. Edited to say at those weights the one on the right might scrape by.
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    Dominic Griffith suggests that a bronze will generally need a minimum dry cut skull weight of 365g and volume of 150cc so if you are borderline or low on weight then volume will have to be very good. The other thing that may go against you is the cut of the skull it is on the long side with the whole eye socket pressent.

    If in doubt don't cut at all in future if you think you have a good un
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    This weighs 376 short Gary tatterton measured it last month never even came close

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    There's a pretty good rule that I apply to all heads, especially when they're still alive.
    1. If you think it's a big one, then it's a normal one for your area.
    2. If you think it's the biggest one you've seen that year it might make a bronze.
    3. If you can't breath/talk/or move then it is probably a Silver/Gold.
    4. You can't tell how big it really is until it's on the floor.
    5. You can look at it all you want when it's down........Just get on and pull the bloody trigger.
    Just point and pull the trigger without looking at the trophy. If your shot takes you longer than 10 secs then you'll probably miss.

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