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Thread: stalking and beating jacket

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    stalking and beating jacket

    im looking at buying a new jacket at the cla at the end of the month but idealy need it for stalking and beating so needs to be quite and hard wearing and definatly waterproof ive got a pair of deerhunter ram trousers very warm and dry but tear easily so im unsure weather to get the matching jacket or something different need help ?

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    I was after the same and after some good advice from 'caorach' here on the forum, ended up going for an Army Surplus Dpm windproof smock which is treated with the nikwax cotton proof which makes it almost waterproof and got the goretex dpm jacket to go underneath for when theres heavy rain, being worn underneath means its still quite quiet and you still have access to your pockets.

    Here's a link to the post
    lightweight shell type jacket

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    a swanndri?i have found it doesn't tear and if you did manage to tear it would be easy to have repair.
    they are very nearly silent nice and warm, but they do let a bit of water in after a really soaking but generally i found them quite dry.
    atb matt

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    x2 on what jonher said or thry a german flectarn goretex one ive got one its lightweight and waterproof and at 15 quid you wont cry if you lose/ rip it

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