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Thread: Brock & Norris Open Day

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    Brock & Norris Open Day

    Hi everyone,

    Anyone going up to Brock & Norris open day tomorrow at their new facilities at Sandford, Whitchurch?

    Dave and I are going up so look forward to seeing some of you guys there. Mike's a really good friend and one of Jelen's original rifle instructors.

    On behalf of Jelen Deer Services, I'd like to wish Mike the very best of luck at the new premises, and I'm sure that he will go on to achieve even greater things than before.

    Give the Jelen shirts a nudge! Looking forward to seeing some of you guys.

    Best regards,

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    Wasn't even aware.

    Feel free to drop in here for coffee on the way through.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric the Red View Post
    Wasn't even aware.
    Same here, would have made a good day out as well


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    [QUOTE=Eric the Red;404918]Wasn't even aware.

    +1 and i'm on the doorstep only 10 minutes away.

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    Was a good day at their new premises, what a difference from the old place , good display of rifles in the gun room, lots of reloading stuff, & free nibbles and drink, easy to find plenty of parking,
    was good to meet some of the forum members.

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    Was a good few hrs well done to mike for organising..Quite a few turned out..only bad thing was me spending too much money again.

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    Glad to hear it went well. perhaps one day 'll get up that way and visit.

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