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Thread: New jacket trousers and boots

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    New jacket trousers and boots

    Hi all in the c months I'll be replacing my old boots jackets and trousers , budget for boots and jacket is approx 150 each and trousers I'd like to find around the 50 mark , any suggestions appreciated . Or if I'm way off themark price wise please tell me
    I'll be using the gear in shitty wind rain and snow / sleet in England and Scotland this winter .

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    Hi Acm Have a look at (jahti jaht) i've had one of there suits for around 5 years never once let me down,in the west coast of Scotland you get enough rain to test it. From stalking,beating,picking up,lying out all night for foxes it has been put thru all tests.

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    I had a few full time keepers/stalkers out with me last year and more of them were wearing stuff by Country Covers than any other manufacturer.mI bought one of their jackets but have nor had the chance to put it to the test yet with regards to stalkingin bad weather. If you rip them regardless of how it's done, they still cover the repair under guarantee. The one below is not far from your budget and has a zip out fleece. very important I think for a 4 season jacket.

    Waterproof Field Jacket - Country Covers

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    bought myself a pair of crispi boots and they are suoerb. reasonble money and very comfortable and keep the water out like wellies.

    look at some rivers west clothing it is very waterproof also. you might not like it but i have had no problems with it at all.

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    for boots look no further than matterhorns! less than 50 quid off ebay and super solid just apply dubbing and you will be set ive had mine two years now and they are still going strong! I cant recommend them enough

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    Avoid the Seeland keeper jacket and trousers, in my experience they are more showerproof than waterproof and take days to dry out . atb Tim

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