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Thread: Mobile high seat

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    Mobile high seat

    Following on from my rabbitting thread, where several folk suggested that a high seat would solve the problem of shooting rabbits in an awkward location...

    How about using a tractor and loader as a mobile high seat? I could park the tractor anywhere I liked, with the loader right up. Sitting in the bucket, I'd be a good 4m above the ground. Has anyone tried this?

    An added refinement would be to run a cable from the jackplug in the cab, to power a lamp.

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    Would you need an assistant to raise and lower you in the bucket?

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    No. I could use a ladder.
    Or leave the rifle in the bucket when lifting / lowering, and just climb up over the tractor bonnet and up the arms of the loader.
    Would be a very stable shooting platform, and, with the biggest bucket on I could make myself quite comfortable, and be completely out of sight (except when I poke my head over the parapet to take a shot).

    Curious to know if anyone's tried it. Animals tend to ignore a parked vehicle, particularly if it's been in place, stationary, for a few hours.

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    Used to shoot bucks on one farm from a dead combine. The clients loved it, sitting in a combine seat, 360 degree views and a very stable platform to shoot from, sometimes even prone! Also has the advantage of coming with its own built in ladder access

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    Shot many rabbits from our telehandler and loader tractor on the farm, very effective as the rabbits are used to seeing the machinery, and with you being so high they don't tend to look for you, and obviously you get a 360 degree view with a safe shooting position. The only downside to the loader is that they loader moves a lot in wind or if you keep fidgiting to it/you have to be very still whilst shooting.

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    HSE must love you

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    Shooting vehicle and mobile high seat together

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Make sure the crowd ram dosen't creep!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimo View Post
    Make sure the crowd ram dosen't creep!
    Talking the digger driver in to reversing the bucket and leaving it in position was hard enough....
    Climbing the ladder to get in was harder, I really hate ladders


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    Ok, so at least I won't be the only loonie!
    Probably the less the HSE knows about it the better.

    Only question now is, given that I'll be shooting downwards at quite a sharp angle, is this going to make it ok the use the .22 in what is a relatively confined area (see my rabbitting thread in "other shooting..."), or is it still going to need an airgun?
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