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Thread: Thoughts on this.

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    Thoughts on this.

    Well I don't have time much to sit and search. Having 15mins I found this gem.

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    Looks like it's only a mater of time before he looses one of his own little piggies the way he uses them knives

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    It's good when you take pride in doing something properly and that was far from being a job done properly.

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    The finest work of a man that has never been shown how to do it.....

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    watched 1min 33 secs that was enough .the tree branch loppers clinched it

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    lol he'd be aswell using a chainsaw!!!

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    could he not find a bigger knife?

    and this is the video he uploaded? can you imagine the ones that didn't make it!!
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    You gotta love em.
    I really like his wellies and is that a revolver tucked in them!! Maybe he thought it was get up and run off.

    That's a corker, keep em comin'.

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    he aint no zorro is he

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    2 words 1st RED 2nd NECK
    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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