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Thread: 300 weatherby magnum

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    300 weatherby magnum

    Hi guys just been offered a 300 weatherby magnum barrel and bolt head for my blaser at the right money. Any one have any experience of this calibre ? I want it for shooting boar and stags in Spain

    Atb smudge

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    If you cant kill it with that you will have to call in an air strike, but just a bit harsh on the shoulder

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    I have a Mark 5 for 10 yers now....and have bought on more..(just in case)

    It Can be used for any deer if You are using the right loading.

    I Can only recommend this caliber


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    Nice calibre i nearly bought my mates mk 5 , the Wetherby jumps a bit un modded but still well managable.
    After advice on here i loaded accubonds in my.300 RUM which isnt much different to the wetherby and they seem to flatten large or small deer with ease with acceptable meat damage. df

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    It would be a really good rifle esp. out on the hill culling try using a 168gr Ballistic Tip and you will find it is suitable for all UK der from Muntjac to Red

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    I had a FN- Sauer 300WM for a couple of years. Recoil never bothered me and a fun rifle to shoot. But just to much rifle to lug around. Sorry it won't kill game any better than any other popular 30 cal. My .308 kills Red, boar and moose no problem.

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    I'd pass. I don't know how badly it would kick in a Blaser but I do know that it consumes more gunpowder than it's worth. Brass isn't cheap, either. It's a lot of gun for close range shooting. If you said you were going elk hunting in the States then it might change my opinion.~Muir

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