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Thread: buck season

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    buck season

    best of luck in the morning you lucky feckers safe stalking.

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    Still pondering on should i go out or give them chance to clean off,saw a couple of bucks on sunday still in velvet and lots of does good season to come i think


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    I know of one or two clean big 'ol boys who will get to meet me on saturday Work in the week is such a pain in the ass isn't it?

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    i'm not out till next weekend now due to work and family commits
    but saw plenty of bucks well clean over the last few weeks, well early
    take the chance, must be quite a few clean on your ground from what i hav seen in the area

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    I suppose it depends if you consider yourself to be managing deer, or if in the scheme of things something to hang on the wall is more important.
    I'd shoot bucks in velvet, but each to their own.

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    Ive stot lots of bucks in velvet and don't have eny problems with does till 31st march.... my point is its a long season and i like then to be fit and at there best respect for my quarry and i dont only cull 1 or 2 per year my lads will have 50+ to catch up with


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    Well can i be the first on the forum this year to say i scored this mornng at 7.20 a.m.!!!! No its not what your thinking guys. Left a clean mature fella to continue his prodigy and took a nice little yearling in velvet after a cracking stalk onto a stubble field. Good luck to you all for the new season.

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    Well done you lucky bugger, I will not get out until this evening, the afternoon if I can manage it. I bet the big old boy I have had my eye on comes over all shy


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    Out tonight 1st time on new land. Hasnt been shot heavily for a few years so I imagine that there'll be a lot of sh ite to clear out (if the poachers havent beaten me to it. )

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    Out this weekend on my lease in Sussex with Wadashot joining me lots of deer moving two weeks back, and a big cull ahead for this season.

    Looking forward to it, will let you know what occurs

    All the best to everyone for the season.


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