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Thread: 100 gr gameking loads

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    100 gr gameking loads

    Hi All, anyone out there using sierra gamekings 100 grain,through a t3 varmint, using either n160 or has anyone a load for n140 or is this considered to fast burning for 100 grain bullets? all replies most welcome

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    I used to load 100gr using N160 but my rifle didnt like them. Not sure if you can get away with 140 but the case fill will be rubbish
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    What caliber?

    Have you looked at the Viht site: load listed for N160 and 100gr for .243 - assumption??

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    i use hodgdon h4350 using 37.5gr in lapau brass using sierra gk in a sako 75 and am getting good results

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    Hi All, its it in a t3 varmint in .243. will pick some N160 up tomorrow and work a load, will let ya know how i get on

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    i use sierra gk 100 grainers in 243 with 35 grains of N150 works a treat very accurate and the fallow deer dont moan

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    39.5 grains of N160 behind a 100 gn GK works great out of my wife's T3.

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    hi i use 100 grain sierra in my tikka t3 with winchester780 supreme with 46 grain.mag primes

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    have got some N160, bought half kilo from BK this afternoon, going to do first tests in hornady brass, starting with 41 grains of the above and work up till i get the desired grouping, thanks for all the replies most helpful

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