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Thread: lancs fire arms

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    lancs fire arms

    has any body had dealings with lancs fire arms department , if so what are they like for taking their time , im about to send an application in and was wondering how long before i might get a response

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    I got my response within 2 weeks and i have my ticket in less then 5 weeks .just make sure you have fill the forms in correct send everything back just as the ask .it all depends if the are busy with renewals as well good luck


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    Better than Derbys. Been quote 8 weeks for a one for one
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    Lancs have been very good with me recently. Turned around a variation within 3 weeks - not super quick, but not too shabby either.

    I emailed them first asking about the time they'd take for the variation, as I wanted to hold onto my ticket, as I was off on a trip. In the end I sent in the forms and a copy of my FAC to get the ball rolling, followed by the original FAC on my return from the trip.

    Are you in Euxton in Chorley? Your FEO could possibly be another matter, now that George Stokes has retired. I've only dealt with George but I understand his successor can be a little less reasonable, on occasion.

    To be honest it is all a big game really and its about knowing how to play it and what to put on the forms etc! I've tended to find Lancs were reasonable with me if I was reasonable with them. They did refuse the 50cal for long range rabbits though....



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    That is a relief. It was a lady that was getting a wee bit of bad press from some of my mates.

    Having heard the hassle that some other Force create I'm relieved that I'm with Lancs.


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    just sent in a bit of a complicated variation quoted 2-3 weeks
    not super fast bot ok I think

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    I've always found them spot on. I deal with with Phil Kelly and he is sound, bar not putting my 204 on for vermin just because I have a 17 hmr. All was been quick response as well

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    A mate of mine put in a variation 3+ weeks ago .Hes had nothing !!!

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