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Thread: 300 WIN. MAG Dies etc.

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    300 WIN. MAG Dies etc.

    300win mag RCBS FL die set with shell holder, like new. &nbsp;25 + post<br>300win mag Lee collet neck die set with shell holder 20 + post<br>200 plus cases, a few have 375 H&amp;H head stamp, a very few ( 7 I think ) need fire forming. &nbsp;15/100 + post<br>100 Sierra 180 gn hpbt Match 22 + post<br>50 &nbsp;Nosler 150 gn Ballistic tip 15 F2F<br>174 Hornady 165gn Interlock 25 F2F<br>Part box, about 60, Hornady 30cal 100gn short jacket free F2F<br>20 Speer 150gn btsp, 18 130 gn Norma sp , 45 150gn sp make ? free F2F<br><br><br>

    The only things left are,
    100 Sierra 180 gn HPBT Match 20 posted
    50 Nosler 150gn Ballistic Tip 15 F2F
    all part boxes free F2F

    Thanks All
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    Well that's a right mess isn't it, I typed it as a nice easy to follow list!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffreyL View Post
    Well that's a right mess isn't it, I typed it as a nice easy to follow list!!
    You're not entirely responsible.

    I'm a little bit more computer-literate than most. SD has to be the most user unfriendly site I've come across. I've given up several times trying to post from other sources because it takes so much time and effort.

    I finally gave up yesterday, and asked Admin for help with MS-Word compatibility.
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    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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    Thanks Sinistral, reassuring to know that I am not a complete arse. It's not totally unreadable as the RCBS dies and the cases are sold.

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    Jeffrey, I think I may have have cracked the code and spotted 174x .30 cal 165 grn interlocks for 25? I am interested and have just sent you a message re 7x57 stuff, if we end up meeting up then I will take these please. Glyn.

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    Glyn, consider it done.Jeffrey

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    Hi Jeff
    Would you take 15.00 for the 100 Sierra 180 gn HPBT Match 20 posted


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    Steve I would deliver by bike for 315.00, but will settle for the 20 posted. PM your details. regards Jeffrey

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    Hi Jeffery
    Read again please , Sorry



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