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Thread: Gutted!

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    Slighty gutted today.

    Found some poaching ******* had shot a Muntie on one of my permissions and just left it there on a foot path after driving over it!
    Time to get the jcb out and do some ditches.

    Also took a Roe and Fallow head for measuring, Roe was big gold at 152.23 points and Fallow was at Silver at 177.67 with Gold being just a few more points at 180!



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    Hi sako
    Sorry to hear about the Muntie
    Can't do much if you can't catch them
    Can't do much if you can

    sounds like a nice couple of heads Photo's please

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    Re: muntie

    Can't do much if you can't catch them

    But my Alsation can

    I'll get phots done tomorrow.


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    sorry about the misfortune , hopefully your alsation will get a more than fine chomp on the LKS.
    of the gutless (hats)

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