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Thread: Tikak 595 .22-250 stainless + accessories

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    Tikak 595 .22-250 stainless + accessories

    Im having a shuffle round in the cabinet to facilitate another calibre. Im also rationalising my calibres, so the .22-250 is surplus to requirements.

    I bought it off a friend and can guarantee the shot count on it. Ive had it a year and had a bit of fettling done to it. It shoots like a dream with 55gn Vmax ie sub 0.5MOA.

    Work carried out;

    Wooden stock fitted to replace the rubbish plastic job. Rifle has been bedded into the wooden stock and has a fully floating barrel.
    New bolt shroud (plastic one replaced for an anodised aluminium one)
    Trigger reworked for a crisper break (i now prefer it to my jewell!)
    Barrel threaded and re-crowned (wasn't threaded when i got it.)

    The rifle is a 595 stainless in a wooden stock. It has had less than 30 shots through it from new and has been well looked after. Its rare to see a 595 in this condition. Would be great as a donor or for someone wanting a 'proper' tikka in A1 condition. £SOLD

    Also available;

    Forster bushing bump neck die + 3 bushings - £60
    100 nolser custom brass (50 neck turned, 50 brand new) £35/50 cases
    A-TEC CMM4 Aluminium mod with less than 15 rounds through it. £180
    Possibly a set of 3rd eye tactical 34mm mounts for tikka (might already have a home for them)

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