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    stags stalking

    HI i have 10 stags available in october on the isle of mull accommodation can be arranged self catering or db&b all stalking is on a 1 to 1 or 1 to 2 bases price for mull 350 + 12 per point no other charges per stag .I also have 1 x 6 to 6.5 kilo stag to shoot in poland to be taken early september 2012 this year it was a cancelation price for polish stag 1,860euro this price does not include air port trans or tips.

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    I would have thought that Polish Red would have been booked by now.
    A 6 - 6.5kg Red for 1860 Euro is a bargain just waiting for somebody.
    Having been to that area too, I can guarantee the trip will be enjoyable too.

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    normaly on the north west side.

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