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Thread: Crate training wee Piper

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    Crate training wee Piper

    As you will have seen I posted a picture of Piper my new Border Terrier pup. I waited a few years before taking the plunge to get a dog and I should be honest and say that losing a couple of deer prompted me to do so. I was extremley worried about how the dog would behave when I am not with her and didnt want her to end up 'the dog from hell' whining etc. I read about crate training and at first thought it sounded cruel but wowww am I a convert now I have crate trained her. I decided to buy a crate and combine it with taking a month off work to settle the dog who was introduced to the crate with treat and praise. I then left her in their for short periods which I extended in time to a few hours....what a difference a week makes. I now have a dog that has been with me for just over a week which knows it has its own 'den' and place of safety and peace, a place where I can put her and even after a week i can leave her for 3 hours ( no longer as she is has a young bladder ) and she will not make a sound whilst I am away ( I know as left a tape recorder as I was worried ) When I go to bed she is in the room and if she wakes I wake too and let her out for a pee, yes I know I could have left her downstairs and cleared up in the morning but as I am off work the least I can do is too get up and let her out. As soon as she does she retires to her crate and snoozes. I have now got a play pen for her so she can be in the crate and get out when she needs to in the day. She can even come out with me in the garden and be introduced to things in a safe controlled I introduced her to the petrol lawn mower when she was in the crate with praise and treats, within 15 mins I had a 10 week old pup that was walking next to me not in the least bit phased buy a mower.

    I cannot praise the crate system enough, it really does help the dog too house train and settle in a relaxed and safe way. Oh and the other great tip I was told....a childs teddy bear sprayed with DAP ......the pup snuggles up to it every time she snoozes.
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    Shouldn't be getting up to let the dog out. The whole point of crate training is to teach the dog that it can hold it in when it needs to go. The crate should be just big enough so the dog can lie down, as they won't lie in there own mess. Getting up every few hours may be creating a rod for your own back, a puppy that is 8 weeks old plus should be able to last the night if you let em out last thing and as soon as you get up.

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    I agree with what your saying but isnt the rule of thumb is a puppy can hold its bladder an hour for every month plus one hour....any longer can cause bladder problems and anxiety. The dogs time between peeing is being extended each night far no problems at all, maybe I have been lucky or what-ever we are doing agrees with the dog? It also depends on how long you sleep of course....for example the dog lasted six hours, I should have said that in my original post... it is not like I am getting up every 2 hours...I am pretty confident the dog will be sleeping for the whole night , say 7 hours by next weekend....

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    My opinion is just based on experience, crate trained seven, all been left the night from being brought home at eight weeks (youngest) ten weeks (oldest), never had bladder or anxiety problems, having said all that six hours is a nights sleep for me. Horses for courses, the op did imply that you were up every few hours.

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    Thats advice I welcome andi and as you have crated several I am in no doubt you will know alot more than me, I shall have a word with 'the boss' and see if we can extend her nights.



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    The essential thing is that there isn't enough room in the crate for the dog to do its business down one end, when they are very small this often means creating a partition in there, gradually making the space bigger as the dog grows.

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