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Thread: Rabs Gold Medal

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    Rabs Gold Medal

    Hi, guys - as requested by Mark g please see the attached pics of Rabs gold medal Roe buck recently completed, so some of the lads could see it. Cic score 135.23. ATB Bill.
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    it looks cracking bill just need to see where i can hang it.

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    Well done Bill and Rab great head.


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    Out of pure nosiness how much does a mount like that cost? Absoulte cracker!

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    Rab, thats a lovely head, well done....

    Bill, i take my hat off to you, fantastic work.


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    Bill that mount is stunning see you are getting the hang of this stuffing lark and well done Rab thats some trophy

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    Great Job bill stunning and a nice trophy taken Rab well done

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    Fantastic Mount!
    Atb John

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