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Thread: Does anyone use a vacuum packer?

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    Does anyone use a vacuum packer?

    I am just thinking of getting myself a vacuum packer as the freezer is getting full of freezer bags with illegible writing on them. Defrosted some casserole venison the other day only to find that it was pheasant breasts. Very nice though!
    Anyway, has anyone else got a vacuum packer and if so which one and what is it like.

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    hi Andy L
    i bought a vac pac machine of QVC thinking i was clever big mistake, it came with a roll of 10 metres of bags except you had to cut the bags to length heat seal one end put item in it then stick it back in the machine to create the vacum then it would seal . yes did a excellent job but it took as long to vac pac the wild boar as it did to skin and butcher the beast , my advice is to get a comercial one and pay the extra but make sure it uses universal bags and not bags just for that type of machine, and fast it can operate at failing that i now tray everthing up and colour the tray ie blue game yellow venison and white wild boar and write what each tray contains on the bottom of tray along with the date time cosuming i know but atleast iknow what meat it is

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    I have seen them for 50-60 which I think must be cheap rubbish. I have seen them for 150 to 200 which seem to be pretty good but was not sure and I have seen them for 1000 + which is not an option. I am hoping that the middle option will be suitable but it is a lot of money to waste on something that is not going to do what I want it to.
    What sort of trays do you use Stone? Where do you get them from.

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    they are polysterene trays like the supermarkets have for their multiy pack items, will get the address for in next few days as father inlaw gets them for me

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    i believe we should think of the packaging ! polystyrene never degrades and as for vac. packing meat - when it defrosts it is left in it's own stale blood, we wouldn't let a carcass sit in it's stale blood so why do this with the end product.
    Freezing is essential for stalkers this i accept, but lets try and keep the packing to a minimum hey guys?
    Simple freezer bags work fine just use big letters and an inelible "thick marker" and remove the bag to defrost

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    Hi Kent,
    Vac packing is no different from a freezer bag as far as I am concerned. Same amount of plastic. All it means is that it is neater in the freezer, it is easier to mark with a sticker or writing and can be kept in there for longer as freezer burn is non existant. If you want to remove it from the bag before defrosting then you can.

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    i disagree it is much thinker and hence takes a lot longer to de-grade, you also have to slice it open, much harder than removing a tie. i bet those that use it 99% defrost in the bag as a result.
    Oh by the way some think i am a fussy bugger about the food i prepare !

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    o come on kent i am not one for complaining but i hav tried many ways to preserve my precious gains, recycling is good but i am not prepared to spend acouple of nights in a highseat or 2 days stalking for meat to let it go to waste from freezer burn i recycle most things even my polestrene trays. i am not getting at you or anyone else as i still do my fair share but to waste venison or w.boar woulb be a sacralidge

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    can you tell me how you re-cycle polystyrene i believed it imposible as it is expanded it cannot be reduced to a recycable state so i believe.
    I am not having a pop at you in this regards but the rise of packaging will consume our planet. when i was a kid - not that long ago your veg came in brown paper bags and meat in greaseproof paper and brown paper bundles.
    I accept freezers are now essential, i have two full presently and belive me when i say i have never had freezer burn on meat or fish in std freezer bags. i wish there was a better alternative to these, doubtless there soon will be a British guy has recently developed a plastic type product derived from cardboard that is fully de-gradable for those damed plastic bottles ! We can only pile so much crud on this planet you know.
    what stalkers and game shooters and fishermen used to do before freezers was distribute the food within his area fresh. Funny Fieldsports had a better public image then - but we cannot turn back the clock. If i hung a brace of Peasants on my neighbours back door knob he would probebly call the police today!

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    Those polystyrene trays are fantastic in the fire afterwards. Give off lots of heat and stop those sodding starlings from nesting in the chimney. (Only joking)

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