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Thread: Hole in Pedicle

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    This is a buck that i shot last week have done a write up in Write ups, but as mentioned in there i had problems trying to post picturesas they seem to be to big.

    Back to the hole just wondering if anybody has seen anything like this before and what would have caused it, there were no obvious signs on the skin before skinning and when the skin was removed it was kind of mushy inside but went in and up, hard to say how far, nearly making the antler hollow.
    It would have interesting to see what would have happened when the deer cast this set of antlers as it would have been right across where the hole was.

    The coronet and front tine on the antler with the hole was a bit biggar than the other as seen in the pictures, this was quite a large buck as he weighed 50lbs larder weight.
    Please see pictures in first post, sorry still having picture issues.


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