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Thread: Vintage Rifle Scope

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    Vintage Rifle Scope

    I have for sale a WW2 rifle scope. It is marked TELSTG No53 Mk1 and carries the war dept. arrow stamp.
    It is in good overall condition and has perfect optics with very clear crosshairs and no fogging.
    I can email pics on request. Similar scopes are selling on ebay for between 100 to 200.
    Looking for anything over 100.

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    This is a gun sight and not a rifle scope:-

    Parker-Hale did set some up like this one for use at 50 yards with .22 L/R rifles after WW2 There is no adjustments on the scope at all. The P-H rings have windage and they were adjusted for height by the P-H armourers by fitting the rings so the bullets hit POA at 50 yards on THAT rifle.

    The sight is detailed on Page 143 of the P-H 1950 General Catalogue. During that period several "Gunsights" were adapted for sporting rifle use. People today forget teh rationing was still very much in force and stuff for the home market was almost non existent. The cry from teh powers that be was :-

    Export or Die

    Very little was allowed for the home market and then only for selected groups.

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    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Yeah what a rip off. The "unusual" mounts look like modified exhaust clamps.

    I was given mine by an old friend. An equally old friend of his took it off and old .22 rifle as was going to bin it. So he saved it for me telling the other chap I know some one who would be interested in it. It even came with the mounting blocks and screws.

    Perhaps I should spend a little getting mine cleaned and re-blacked. After all witht eh correct period P-H mounts it must be worth nearly double one with exhaust clamps .

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    Yes, that is the very same. So what were they used for and how were they used ?

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    I assume you mean originally in the military?

    Good question and one that so far I have been unable to find out. The P-H catalogue claims they were for tropical use however it does not say what on. I have never seen any special mounts that would allow them to be fitted to a rifle and zeroed of differing distances like a proper sniper scope.

    So that brings us back to gun sights.............................. or more accurately gun laying sights. I wonder if it was used on some artillery piece as they usually had detachable optical sights. Dad was on 25 Ponders and it does not look like the sight off those but there were other "guns" in use. It has a peg on the body which would lock the sight in place in the sighting mount and traversing and elevating the guns the sight would move with it.

    Now as set up in my photo the sight was adapted to be used on a .22 Rimfire and usually set with std velocity ammunition to hit POI at 50 yards................. Hope that helps.

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    That does help,thank you for that.
    They have very clear and sharp optics, probably would still make a good telescopic sight.
    I have also found out that they are very similar to the WW2 sniper scopes and are still in demand for parts to repair the original sniper scopes.

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    Some weapons were fitted with sub caliber barrels for some sort of practice/exercises, I found one in .22 cal once with a metal detector on an old army camp.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    If you go over to and ask Peter Laidler (ex REME armourer, and he refurbs No 32 riflescopes), he will be able to tell you all about it.

    I'll ask on your behalf if you like

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    Hi Brithunter

    Are the scope bases on your Tel Stg No 53 marked A.D.M 5 by any chance?

    The Tel stg No 42 & similar 53 scopes were mainly produced to sight co axial Besa MG in the Churchill MK7 tank and later Centurion tanks though they were put to other uses as well.

    What is the reticle type in your No 53?

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