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    Free to good home

    Evening all

    I have up for grabs a few Land Rover parts free to whoever wants to COLLECT them. All i ask is you donate a few quid to Help for Heros or a charity of your choice.

    1. The centre seat from a Defender, vinyl and in excellent condition, no tears or splits just a bit dusty.

    2. 2 rear bench seats from a Defender, i think its just the bottom halves though or could be the backs. Again in good condition.

    3. A boss steering wheel adapter for an older Defender, still in the origanal box and never used.

    4. A bag of 8 bushes. I dont know what there for but if you know what they are then please enlighten me.

    5. Origanal Discovery wheel nuts, 5 in total but one has slight damage to the surface. All still usable.

    6. A box full of Land Rover magazines. They where given to me but i dont have time to read them.

    Thats your lot so far. Like i said its collection only as i dont have time to post them. I'd rather these go to someone who will use them and not have them to sell on and make a profit. Also if you do have them please make sure you throw a few quid into a charity box next time you go past one.


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    The bushes look like top shock absorber bushes

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