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Thread: rain and pheasants

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    rain and pheasants

    hi all,
    how is everyone getting on with rearing pheasants in the wet climate that we are having.
    just heard weather, is getting colder and wetter.
    starting to loose birds from cold wet conditions.
    good luck to all, mark.

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    Not lost as many as I thought, just waiting for the coughing to start
    Going to be a bad season me thinks if the sun don't start playing ball soon
    One benefit is any birds from the game farm will now of had a bit of weathering before going to the release pen

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    Did think about how you were getting on mark glad mine are still at the game farm for a few weeks yet .we will still shoot them come nov ,my boss is prepared to keep them on pellets for longer than most and the later bird well fed soon catches up the early bird who has had to endure this crap weather .but all that tender loving care won't come to much if the dam covers don't grow arhhhhhhh

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    The only thing to come from this bad weather is,If you have bought your birds from a reptual game farm his birds should be hardened off,If not you pay your money and take your chance.
    Atb John

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    Sick of the weather it's not stopped raining here since beginning of June can't get game plots I as to wet for tractor to work. Birds should arrive this week oh the joy can't wait for feb the 2nd !

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    its years like this that sort the men from the boys

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    Our poults are arriving Saturday. Local weather forecast improving. Game farm says all poults are hardened off. He's not let us down yet so fingers crossed.

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