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Thread: stuck screw

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    stuck screw

    any tips for removing/losening a front sight screw that won't budge? I really don't want to ruin the screw head trying to screw it out and letting the screwdriver slip and damage the edges.

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    Have you tried penetrating oil overnight?

    Another crude method involves an old 'scrap' screwdriver. Heat the blade with a blowtorch until red hot (literally cherry red) than hold onto the screw head for 30 seconds - the heat will cause expansion and then contraction and loosen things.

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    Used this stuff PKL,it will do the deed.It is a creep oil and really does the business............ KROIL - Brownells


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    penetrating oil and impact (light) with a proper fitting screwdriver.

    soak overnight and tap handle of screw driver whilst turning it

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    penetrating oil and impact (light) with a proper fitting screwdriver.

    soak overnight and tap handle of screw driver whilst turning it
    If you cannot get paws on 'plus-gas' some diesel will penetrate just the same.
    This is assuming no modern adhesive has been used!
    Best advise is the proper fitting screwdriver and well supported barrel so it cannot move.

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    All good suggestions - to which you can add tightening the screw slightly and also freezing it (the same principle of thermal expansion as heating it but shrinking the screw improves clearance).

    If you want to try freezing it, you can either try to create a little well around the screw head using blue-tack etc. and chill using a pipe freezing spray (go for the refill cans as you don't want to pay for the pipe sleeve and gubbins), or use a specialist freeze oil spray as I do (I use this one: Crack-It Freeze Release Spray 400ml )

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    thank you for your input chaps, I will try a few of these and see what works

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    creeping oil, wd40, heat, cold, tapping, tightening, then loosening,,,still nothing!...suss..

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    Electric soldering iron on to screw head for 2 minutes, then immediately, two sharp taps to a proper fitting screwdriver?

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