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Thread: Buck fever

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    Arrow Buck fever

    Being fairly new to the sport I sometimes suffer with buck fever ( get the shakes before I take the shot ) but my mentors given me a good way of dealing with it , a few deep breaths , tense all your muscles and relax . It works for me !
    Anyone else suffer ?

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    Everyone at sometime or other will have suffered or may become a sufferer ,buck fever is a bit like the other male curse the more you think about it the worse it gets and you never know when it may strike
    I like the take a deep breath solution .

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    Like Norma said most of us had the fever now and again,I did a few times when I started,funny thing that adrenalin rush,you got to try and enjoy it,it don't happen a lot when you get older

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    I never had buck fever, then suddenly two weekends ago, the first 2 bucks I had lined up, my body started shaking uncontrollably and my heart was pounding, I thought I was having a stroke! unbelievable, I had simply not been out enough this year, so the excitement just got my body into convulsions,,LOL! anyway, managed to slap myself out of it and shoot them no problem, the next couple I had no issues with either, like normal - I guess I was just a bit over-excited - HOWEVER, I'm glad I experienced it, as only now do I know how some people struggle and telling someone suffering from buck fever to 'take the shot' is NOT a good idea, as the cross-hairs could be flying all over the place and they might feel pressured to pull the trigger.

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    Think I may have it, sitting offshore It's all I can think about..

    But seriously, I had It when home last and that was without taking a shot as It was only Doe's I stalked Into... Excitement just gets the better of me!!

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    I dont tend to suffer with buck fever but a few weeks ago. I took a lad from this forum out and I was that keen to get a result that I was glad it wasnt me pulling the trigger. I was shaking with anticipation, he was cooler than me and took a good shot.

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    I get buck fever stalking magpies and foxes more than deer for some reason!

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    I'm still a novice, so still get excited, and that andrenilene rush, but when I shoot on my own, I can control it, and calm myself down, and I'm fine, but accompanied, I can REALLY struggle.

    It's partly to do with the extra pressure I put on myself, not wanting to screw up, and look daft in front of someone, compounded by some stalkers either over eager, or excited, telling me to "take the shot, now, shoot now, take the shot, quickly, shoot", when all I really want to do, is tell them to "shut the f*ck up", let me settle myself, and shoot when I'm ready.

    I accept I may miss a few opportunities, but I'd rather that, than a poor shot, making an animal suffer, topped by the expence of having to buy the carcass due to meat damage !

    I'll improve with more experience, and getting to know the stalkers better.


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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    I get buck fever stalking magpies and foxes more than deer for some reason!
    I'm the same with foxes, I put it down to the fact that with foxes you only have a few seconds to get a shot once you get them in the lamp. It really gets the heart pumping.

    With deer I'm cool as a penguins arse
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

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    Basically found that the quicker,(without messing it up) I can just get on the bipod and take the shot the better.

    Shot a buck at 10yards once and waiting for it to come clear of the trees was crazy. Was shaking from top to bottom!

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