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Thread: .223 using 55gr Sierra Game King's

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    Smile .223 using 55gr Sierra Game King's

    Hi Everyone

    Is anyone using/used the above heads and finding that they are quite short to set them back from there rifle lands?, i have been working
    up some loads of these heads and finding that they measure quite short to my rifles lands, i have played rule of thumb and have seated them
    to there bullet dia: and they all group well and shoot ok, but they are sitting about 1.1mm deeper than i would have liked to trial.

    Just wondering if any of you have found the same issue?



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    I use a Tikka T3 Hunter in .223 for doing in the foxes and long rabbits. I used to use Sierra Gameking 55gr softpoints, and Hodgdon H335 powder running at 25.5gns. It produced 3085fps! But the end ft/lb was low due to that bullet acting like a brick when using the .223.
    Switched to IMR XBR powder at 25.8gns, and Hornady 55gn V-MAX's, and ended up getting 3250fps (roughly 1290ft/lb) out of a .223. A mate tried it out on a roe, and dropped it down at 200yds in the woods..

    I find that on the tikka t3 mags, you have to set the bullet and case length to 2.2", or else they won't fit into the mag. A 60gn v-max will fit at a push, but its tight, and still has to be pushed down to 2.2"

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    Thanks James.

    FPS isnt an issue as im using VitN133 and thro the chrony the trial loads are flying, the magazine length also isnt a issue as they are going thro the top of a Howa 1500.
    Just a shame i cant test more with the lengths, but we shall see how they go.


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