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Thread: screw cut pre/post bluing

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    screw cut pre/post bluing

    does a good smith damage the bluing, even marginally when doing a screw cut?

    I'm just asking as I'm about to embark upon rust bluing a new (old) barrel that will eventually be screw cut, but should I wait to have it screw cut before I rust blue it to mitigate the risk of the cutting process/negligence damaging the fresh bluing job?


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    Ahhh how can you cut and remove metal from the end and exterior diameter of the muzzle without damaging the blued finish?

    Where the cut and thread is will be clean metal. Of course you can cover it with say cold blue after the threading but.........................................


    and after:-

    I threaded before blacking.

    In fact I threaded whilst it was set up in the lathe so this thread is actually proofed . I did not request it the RFD who submitted it to proof after the chamber job and it was on a new un proofed barrel so it had to be proofed before it could be transferred to my FAC off the dealers RFD books.

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    good points, I was thinking about not damaging the bluing on the barrel below where the new screw cut is, I do realise that you'll necessarily damage the part where the screw cut will be made

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    I knew that!

    But many do not take into account that once you cut into a blued finish of course you expose an area where future moisture may be able to creep in. Blueing after all is a form of controlled rusting. I have seen rusting around holes drilled and tapped into sporterised milsurps as our American cousins call them and other rifles that may not have been drilled and tapped for scope mounts. The edge of the countersink or break edge for the holes can develop localised rusting.

    Often a sacrificial collar is clamped around the barrel and turned true to the bore for the steady rest to run on so the barrels finish is not damaged.

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    appreciate the comments mate.

    will probably postpone re-bluing until screw cut is done

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    Sounds like a good idea to me.

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