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Thread: .22 centerfire rifles for muntjac

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    .22 centerfire rifles for muntjac

    I am in the process of renewing my certificate and for the sake of getting everything right I saw that the .22-250 on my licence wasn't approved for deer by the police so I addressed this. However, the police dept. couldn;t give UK wide authorisation. We own land in Scotland with roe so that wasn't an issue but I am having to get my friend with muntjac to write in to confirm that a) he has muntjac on his land b) he is happy for me to use a .22-250 on them. Given that it is generally legal to use the .220 + calibres for CWDs and munties, to me it seems this might be a little over the top. Is anyone else encountering this additional paperwork request from the police i.e. does everyone had to amend their certificates since the introduction of the lesser calibres authrosied to shoot deer?

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    Henry hello,

    As far as I understand it the law on calibre for CWD and Muntjac changed I think in October 2007.
    Soon after, the ACPO said that most people who owned a .220 centre fire rifle at the time, that was granted in E&W, would only have fox and vermin and not deer as a quarry on the certificate.

    They also confirmed that for a period of 5 years (the length of the FAC renewal period) they would not prosecute anyone that shot CWD or muntjac with their .220's even though permission to shoot deer was not on their certificate.

    It now being 2012 they are probably ensuring that the permission details on your FAC for E&W are recorded.

    The above is my shortened version of the details the ACPO released at the time, whatever our opinions may be of the process, I hope that helps to explain what may be happening in your case.

    Best regards.

    Jon Snowdon.

    For guided Roe deer stalking,. BASC accredited trainer for DSC1 and 2. BASC accredited training centre with courses held regularly.

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    I had a 222 on my certificate to shoot foxes and on renewal i ask to be allowed to shoot Roe in Scotland with it. It was refused because I did not have any land in Scotland to shoot it on. Once I have the Rifle should it make any differance where I shoot it. BUT I DO LIVE IN CHESHIRE.

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    i asked south yorks to put cwd and muntjac on my 22/250, they asked me where i shoot them,told them i did payed stalking and was looking at going soon, they said i needed a letter stating where i was going. told them it would be last min booking as and when i could get time off( afew days before) answer was no i need a letter. so not a problem then i,ll use my 270 as i,m covered for any deer. answer dunt you think thats abit over kill for them???????????
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    Its just jumping through hoops all the time in this country. I had muntjac put on my 22/250 as I had written permission for them off land owner.

    I asked if I could have cwd on there also. The answer was you dont get them round your area. And haven't got them on your shoot so no you can't have that. I questioned him by saying my friend has permission for them in befordshire and when I get a invited by him I can't legally shoot them if it isn't wrote on my ticket.....

    His answer was well if thats the case send it back in before you go. And then we will put it on your ticket.
    Talk about making more work for themselves in the office.

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    i put down small deer on my recent variation for a 222 just to see what would happen! they lost me ticket took 12 week to sort it never rang me about it gave me me the 222 without deer but added i could buy ammo for shooting deer wots all that about!
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    There's a pattern here - they are seemingly very astute on this point and have obviously been briefed to be so.

    My constabulary, genuinely lovely people as they are, are guaranteed to screw up on some article every time the certificate is modified or renewed (two of the latest examples are 1) giving me permission to purchase two .17HMRs instead of a .17 plus it's mod., 2) giving me permission to purchase ammunition for a calibre I am permitted to store but expressly not to use - there are plenty more examples). To be so astute on this .22 centerfire issue but less so with other details... there must be something significant / critical that the police are wishing to negate with the use of .22 centerfires. Poaching?

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