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Thread: Which moderator for a Blaser R93?

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    Which moderator for a Blaser R93?

    Hi All,
    I'm looking for a mod for my 30-06 R93, which has the short barrel option .
    General opinion seems to rate the ASE Utra SL5, or A-Tec Maxim 4.
    Anyone have a strong preference for either or anything else for that matter?

    Thanks a lot

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    The Atec is a good compromise between length,weight and sound attenuation so I'd go for that

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    Have the A-Tec Maxim 4 on my Sako85, nice piece of kit!! It was going to be one or the other you have mentioned so just chose the Maxim 4..


    Alba gu brąth

    Sauer 101 6.5x55, Beretta Silver Pigeon 12g Over&Under

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    Lawrence Precision Nexus Compact if you fire a lot of shots or use BT's. atb Tim

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    Quote Originally Posted by timbrayford View Post
    Lawrence Precision Nexus Compact if you fire a lot of shots or use BT's. atb Tim
    Why would you need this particular moderator if using BT's?

    I assume you mean Ballistic Tips?

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    Thanks for your views.

    I understand that range use with a lot of shot could give you some problems with the Alloy getting hot, therefore the titanium Nexus might be better, but BTs?

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    ATec maxim 4 if you want lighter weight and acceptable performance. Jet Z compact if you want the best moderator on the market and aren't fussed by weight or added barrel length. You could by either of those and take the wife out for a night somewhere for the same price as the Lawrence thing.

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    How short is short? - I only ask as undoubtedly the best mod I've ever used or heard in person is the new MAE T12 - about the same as the ASE Utra but a reflex design so the weight doesn't sit right on the end of your barrel. If you don't have that much room before the fore-end of the stock then they do offer other solutions. See my gallery for pics of how mine looks, and only ads about 3 inches to the total length.

    New Zealand company but Julian at JMS arms stocks them: JMS Arms - Photo Gallery

    Every stalker I've been out with has wanted one after hearing how quiet mine is

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    I've found that most mods on say 243 or 308 sound and handle very much the same.When you start comparing them on the bigger calibre's such as the 30/06,270 etc the difference becomes more apparent.The quietest I've used on a 270 is the good old Reflex,a Jetz and more recently a Lawrence Titanium (which takes no1 spot with the added advantage of less weight).Obviously the titanium has the added cost so a good compromise would be the Maxim
    All the mods mentioned above are top notch but it looked like Phil had narrowed it down to the two of which I think the Maxim is the better alternative

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    I've gone one even better than the A-Tec Maxim
    I've bought two extra chambers for the standard A-Tec Maxim, which came with four chambers, and now my 30-06 sounds like my .22rf.
    Even with the extra cost, it still works out a lot less than some of the others and a lot lot less than one in particular

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