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Thread: Gun parts from the USA

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    Gun parts from the USA

    I have sourced an aluminium trigger guard and very neat dovetail-to-picatinny converter for my Sako Quad that a friend is bringing over for me from the USA. I recently heard that USA are getting very tight on 'gun parts' coming out of the country. I recently bought some scope mounts that were posted to me direct from Europ Optics and that gave no problems.

    I will be enquiring through other official channels, but anyone had any direct experience importing 'gun parts'?

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    I bough a barrel off Ebay in the states and it came by Parcel Force no problem just paid the tax and duty.

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    I spoke to a representative yesterday within the Small Weapons and Firearms division of the US Department of State - Directorate of Defense Trade Controls and he said no problem exporting at all providing the goods are less than $100.

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    Came back from Florida with a new barrel for my 1100 no problem at all when i declared it, it was a real bargain at $99

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    Even if you mail order gunparts worth less then a $100 you may still have problems, not stateside but here.
    A few years ago i ordered parts for my 10-22 from Brownells totalling $98, no problem untill our customs got hold of the package and said that they would not release it untill i could proove authority to possess these parts by order of an import licence or FAC.
    I wrote back stating that the parts were not regulated and could be bought here in the UK without a FAC but they would not have it.
    Not only did have to send them my original FAC but also had to fill in an end user agreemant and also list the specific use of each part, a lot of uneccessary and IMO not legally binding bureaucracy.


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