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Thread: Equipment Compatibility

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    Equipment Compatibility

    Still awaiting my FAC but thinking about how to set up a reloading station when the time comes
    It appears that a kit from one of the well known manufacturers would be a good starting point but I was wondering if the dies for the calibre/s I choose to reload are compatible with, for example, - if I bought an RCBS kit could I use Lee or Lyman dies ?
    What does 'the panel' think!?

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    yeah, i have an rcbs kit and use lee dies with it

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    Thanks for that
    Is this general or just for the two companies you mentioned?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edchef View Post
    ... if I bought an RCBS kit could I use Lee or Lyman dies ?....
    I bought a RCBS kit in order to get started. I still have most of it. I have used Hornady, Sinclair, Forster and Redding dies with it. They all use a standard thread. Before buying anything, do lots of research and have a look at what your pals have bought.
    Good luck. JCS

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    Ed they all pretty much standardised on 7/8x14 thread size for dies many years ago. The exceptions are for the very large calibres such as .50BMG which uses a much larger thread. Most of us have a real mix of makes as regards reloading equipment.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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