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Thread: Roe kids

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    Roe kids

    Roe kids, we're really not seeing them at the moment. I am hoping the weather means they are not showing rather than its killed em. Its very late to have not seen the young uns out and about. Hows the rest of you doing?

    I saw a good strong fallow kid in the woods yesterday however.

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    Seen a fair few

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    I sat and watched a doe with her two roe buck kids on saturday evening, she was in a grassy meadow, they were playing in a stream, playing fighting games, and knocking their heads together, etc. very good condition I must say - I have high hopes for them, esp. knowing the quality of the father (assuming it's him) that tends to be in that locality. Must be up there with my favourite experiences in the outdoors, truly wonderful to see. afterwards I packed up and walked home, no way could I go shoot one after that

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    Put some up with the dog in the rodies while after squirrels, plenty in the woods.

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    Only seen a couple so far this year...Heres one

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    Seeing plenty kids -- Bucks are a little harder to come by though !

    " not the end of the world, - - but you can see it from here ! "

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    strangely having posted this I have now seen a single and twins both in the last 24hrs. I think they may have been laying up more cos of the rain.

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    Only seen fallow kids and no roe kids - saw a lot last year so share the same concern they've been killed off by this weather... does anyone have any experience of what effect this weather has on them as I can't remember a summer like this?!!

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    hi plenty of kids about yes , but a lot of large does without , thinks the weather has taken it toll on them , this is in moray so could be different in other areas , was in fife last week and didnt see a hell of a lot there eaither , so think theres been a few lost ,

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    Ive seen a few now. and most have twins. so it all looks good up here. I saw my first kid on 15th of may.
    I did see a young buck on sunday morning with very small spikes, and i had difficulty ageing him. He was very small like this years young but with two small spikes just over an inch. I couldnt decide if he was a late one from last year very small or a very early one from this year with spikes already. so i left him to see how he goes. The feeding is good where he was with barly wheat and turnips so he might just be a nice one to watch

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